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KTEC-CPA is an Auditing and Consultancy firm, serving the business community.

KTEC-CPA focuses on covering the legal & fiscal obligations for companies, as well as helping them create the value they’re aiming for by delivering a high-quality service in accounting, taxation, auditing and consultancy fields.

KTEC-CPA has the expertise and resources to implement and manage computerized accounting systems. Through its international affiliation with “CPA Associates International” (CPAAI), KTEC-CPA confirms its dedication to quality. Its presence in the Arab Gulf is part of its regional vocation.

Through its international affiliation with “CPA Associates International” (CPAAI), KTEC-CPA confirms its dedication to quality.


In 1967, late Cesar Tueni established an Auditing firm in Beirut Lebanon, in partnership with two associates. The firm had a prosperous progression and growth, until 1975, the beginning of the Lebanese war.

This is the environment where Khaled Cesar Tueni was raised and educated. After studying accounting & finance, Khaled Tueni worked a few years for experience, before founding in 1986 his own firm, to be known as KTEC, Khaled Tueni Experts & Consultants.

Over the years, both KTEC as a firm and Khaled Tueni as a sworn expert earned a solid reputation for efficiently marrying theoretical knowledge and field practice.

While KTEC was regularly entrusted with an ever more important and sophisticated clientele, Khaled Tueni has been constantly solicited by the Judicial Courts as a financial expert in intricate and delicate cases.




KTEC was founded.


The LACPA, Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants is established. KTEC registers as a practicing member of LACPA (Nbr 103).


KTEC joins AOCPA, the Arab Organization for Certified Public Accountants. AOCPA groups auditing firms in the Arab world.


Khaled Tueni is entrusted by the Court of Justice with the mission of validating the registration of each of the 1,700 members of LACPA.


KTEC-CPA joins CPA Associates International, a world wide organization since 1967, grouping over 150 chartered accounting firms, with 285 offices in 72 countries.


In 2003, KTEC-CPA was the first audit firm to convert the “Lebanese Government’s Budgetary Accounting Policies” to the International Accounting Standards (IAS), in order to be audited under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

This practice has been applied for the first time ever in Lebanon, for the North Lebanon Water Establishment (NLWE).


In Doha Qatar, KTEC-CPA joins forces with the Eisa Alderbasti Auditing and Accounting firm. KTEC-CPA Qatar also joined CPA-Associates International.


In 2013, KTEC-CPA was appointed by Institue des Finances Basil Fuleihan to generalize the conversion of the Government’s Budgetary Accounting Policies to the IAS. This conversion will be later used in all Lebanese Governmental Institutes.

Our Services


KTEC-CPA advisory team deeply understands your business; by using its local and global knowledge, KTEC-CPA helps you grow while reducing your cost and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your personal. Creativity is a key talent mandatory to adapt to the change in the business environment.


KTEC-CPA is specialized in the Corporate Taxes Declaration (such as the Income Tax as well as the VAT) as well as in the Payroll related obligations (such as the employees income tax, social taxes and End of service).

Audit and Assurance

KTEC-CPA is committed in delivering high-quality assurance services. The issuance of a written opinion about the financial statements will give investors credibility over your financial position before investing their capital in your business.


Accounting is about keeping financial records and books.
This service ranges from setting up an accounting system and procedures, maintaining financial records and documentation, to the compilation of financial statements (Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow).
By outsourcing their accounting tasks, our clients can concentrate on managing and growing their core business.

Internal Audit

The internal audit evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of your internal controls, your computerized systems, and your business operations.
Constructive suggestions aim at stabilizing your financial position, and improving your profitability.

Legal Services

All organizations need Legal advisors for both their daily activities and their corporate life. KTEC-CPA personal provide a perfect guidance for legal business decisions. Our Legal advisory team works on Business Setup Advisory, Business Registration with government agencies as well as Litigation and arbitration.

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